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  • Interpretation of regulation, regulatory developments, and impact assessments;
  • Development and control of policies and procedures;
  • Performing compliance operations such as client onboarding or transaction oversight;
  • Conducting compliance audits, follow-up investigations and writing incident reports if needed;
  • Advising management and traders on possible compliance risks.
  • Ensure timely identification of new regulation, interpretation thereof and implementation in the bank’s risk policies, as well as ensuring the continuing compliance of the policies with existing regulation. As a senior you are also partly responsible for the overview of the overall completeness, consistency and coherence of the Risk Policy Framework.
  • Use your expertise to pro-actively give guidance to and communicate with the business lines, Risk Type Owners, grids, senior management and other stakeholders, to ensure that new (policy) requirements are known and the regulatory change adopted correctly and on time.
  • Operate in a multi-disciplinary (project-)setting to support larger regulatory change processes and related activities. You participate in projects and contribute your knowledge. You make an inventory of the consequences of internal and external developments, make agreements with project leaders about cooperation and expectations and coordinate the progress of the work with the project leader.
  • Support the organisation with on-site inspections by and information requests from the regulators (ECB/DNB) regarding the bank’s risk policies and regulatory interpretation and implementation choices

This role supports strategic projects through detailed analysis and testing, working with other teams
on initiatives that benefit the customer experience. All in close cooperation with colleagues in the team, as well as partnering with business functions, such as Finance and Operations.
Business reporting and statistical analytical skills are required to comprehend local systems in SAS and SQL programming language.

  • Accountable for impairment and capital (actuals and forecasting), as well as the governance required for each process.
  • Support the draft timely, accurate and insightful management and regulatory reporting, including FinRep, CoRep, SBP reporting and CRR attestations.
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of credit risk modelling approaches for IRB and IFRS 9 models.
  • Ensure a reliable infrastructure, including models, data, control environment and compliance with internal policies and external regulatory requirements.
  • Generate key management information, interpret complex data using statistical techniques and provide insights to support business decisions.
  • Translate insights into actionable recommendations for senior management and stakeholders,
    communicate and drive through their delivery.
  • Build and manage effective relationships with colleagues in the wider Risk team and across partnering business functions (such as Modelling and validation functions, Finance, Customer Analytics and Risk Infrastructure).
  • Develop a long term plan on revitalising and harmonising the risk and internal control approach to meet organisational demands and to ensure integration with business operations.
  • Lead the delivery of this plan to ensure a consistent approach and consistent ways of working.
  • Provide professional support to the risk management and internal control colleagues and reach an expertise level that enables them to meet good professional standards within in their parts of the business.
  • Provide periodic Group risk- and internal control reporting addressing local and global risk perspectives and circulate critical risk intelligence through management teams.
  • Develop and maintain strong (matrix) relationships with the core business (divisions) and work closely with internal stakeholders (e.g. Internal Audit and Governance) and external auditors to align risk and internal control initiatives.
  • Provide advice upon request to ensure that appropriate internal controls are considered and designed into the ways of working and processes.

Manager Compliance


The Manager Compliance is part of the Leadership Team and reports to the General Manager.

The main Compliance objectives & responsibilities are:

  • Ensure EMS and its employees comply with relevant laws and regulations and all internal compliance related policies of both EMS and its shareholders Fiserv and ABN AMRO Bank.
  • Monitor and Mitigate all relevant risks, except for fraud and credit risk.
  • Ensure external stakeholders such as DNB recognize EMS as a best in class acquirer/ payment service provider.
  • Chair EMS Compliance committee as instituted by shareholders.
  • Fulfill role of EMS Data Protection Officer and Anti-Money Laundering Officer.

Getting the right things done!

  • Manage and oversight of regulatory and card brand (scheme) compliance.
  • Contribute to the development, implementation and enforcement of policies, procedures and programs designed to minimize regulatory and card brand compliance risks.
  • Provide Compliance advise to the Managing Board and Supervisory Board. Assist Management in the development of overall compliance strategies, goals and initiatives.
  • Maintain and develop a compliance culture across the company, including compliance training to staff.
  • Monitor regulatory changes, analyse impact and support first line of defence to implement changes.
  • Perform second line risk assessments and report on level of Compliance within the organisation.
  • Provide periodic reporting to management on regulatory and card scheme compliance.
  • Maintain current knowledge of Dutch and European laws, regulations and industry practices.
  • Manage relations with Dutch Central Bank and closely work with compliance departments of ABN AMRO Bank and Fiserv.
  • Provide ad-hoc and pro-active Compliance advise to sales and risk departments.

The Core Compliance Advisor supports the achievement of these activities by:

  • Compliance Leadership: support the design and implementation, within the wider risk framework, structures, and processes that integrate the principles of effective compliance into daily operations, encourage behavioral change, and drive strong governance arrangements across MBE.
  • Evaluate the current status of compliance activities within MBE through the completion of periodic collaborative risk assessments, as well as attendance at relevant committee meetings (e.g. New Product Committee), and take appropriate action to address any shortfalls.
  • Global collaboration: work in partnership with risk and compliance specialists across the region and globally to share best practices, provide support, and develop effective compliance policies and methodology appropriate to the Bank.
  • Review/resolve a range of the more demanding compliance issues, many of which may be sensitive, clarifying as appropriate the customers’ understanding of the information being given, escalating issues as appropriate.
  • Communicate non-conformance issues to all relevant parties in order that appropriate and timely remedial action is taken providing guidance and support as necessary, also ensuring that such issues are reported in accordance with established procedures and guidelines.
  • Provide specialist advice and guidance to the MBE business areas and branches in line with the agreed business objectives to meet all relevant internal and external regulatory/statutory requirements in relation to Compliance.
  • Support the Head of Core Compliance with the performance of risk assessments, monitoring activities, and the delivery of relevant projects.
  • Ensure at all times that documentation is accurate, free from error, meets the customer’s best interest and Bank’s duty of care, complies with relevant law and regulations, and fully protects the Bank and that any risks are identified for authorization. Ensure transactions documented are operationally viable and customer indebtedness/security is legally recoverable.
  • Promote staff awareness, understanding of and commitment to Compliance matters, and provide appropriate training for MBE staff.
  • As and when required undertake small projects and/or provide specialist input into wider business projects and initiatives, facilitating the identification and evaluation of risks and controls and recommending proportional cost-effective solutions.

· Contribute to the Compliance Division team’s workload.

Senior Underwriter

  • Direct dealings with Brokers and some Members on day-to-day underwriting issues
  • Second reporting line to Regional Director in respect of Underwriting approval of EU business to support the EMEA team (occasionally other offices)
  • Develop new business enquiries and retain existing Members, in accordance with underwriting guidelines.
  • Formulation of insurance terms and conditions, ensuring an in-depth knowledge of underwriting guidelines/instructions and adhering to them in every respect
  • Ensure good preparation for all renewals, particularly those deemed vulnerable
  • Respond to general enquiries received ensuring swift turnaround of all underwriting enquiries and new business enquiries, giving priority to key accounts and key targets
  • Maintain frequent dialogue with claims executives regarding claims developments and trends on the portfolio
  • Be an active participant in engaging with loss prevention and feeding back member or broker issues for consideration for the creation of relevant materials or training.
  • Take responsibility for every aspect of the underwriting process including contract review and survey analysis/follow-up, administration, system data capture and service delivery
  • Responsible for premium collection and co-ordination with credit control
  • Support development of junior team members
  • Ensure documentation is accurate and issued within Contract Certainty guidelines in every case, and that all debit notes are issued correctly and promptly
  • Ensure that fac RI is purchased where necessary and that cover is thoroughly checked for accuracy
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club’s cover wordings
  • Ensure all underwriting systems are used properly and consistently

Als Risicomanager adviseer, spaar en initieer jij – in samenspraak met contractmanagers, projectplanners en (financieel)controllers – de projectleiding over de effectiviteit van projectbeheersing op projectniveau. Daarnaast coördineer je periodiek risicosessies met als doel het bereiken van een zo hoog mogelijke betrouwbaarheid en kwaliteit (volledigheid, juistheid en tijdigheid) van risicobeheersing op projectniveau.

Voor de concrete invulling van de rol heb je de volgende verantwoordelijkheden:

  • Vertalen van risico’s naar effecten op het projectresultaat, planning en financiële consequenties middels Monte Carlo-simulaties;
  • Voorstellen doen tot verdere beheersing van het risicoprofiel;
  • Coachen van het projectteam in de toepassing van risicomanagement en ervoor zorgen dat zij op de hoogte blijven van de actuele stand van zaken;
  • Zorgen voor implementatie van het risicomanagementproces (plan-do-check-act) in het proces;
  • Samenwerken met de juiste professionals binnen en buiten het project voor de risico-analyse.